Serving the citizens of Koochiching County and the cities of Bigfalls, International Falls, Littlefork, Northome, Ranier and surrounding region.
Serving the citizens of Koochiching County and the cities of Bigfalls, International Falls, Littlefork, Northome, Ranier and surrounding region.

Koochiching County Economic Adjustment Strategy

Economic Development Adjustment Strategy

The Koochiching County Economic Development Adjustment Strategy developed by Newmark Grubb Knight Frank (NGKF) provides the region with a roadmap for long term economic and community growth.

NGKF is a world class economic and business location consultant that were hired as part of the economic response effort to objectively assess our economic situation and prepare an economic development strategy to guide our future development efforts. An assessment of this kind has never been done before for our area and has been an intensive and thorough undertaking. NGKF is a respected professional organization and one of the top economic consulting firms in North America.

For the past several months, NGKF has conducted a region wide assessment of our economic development assets and challenges. Their first visit in January consisted of interviews with various business and government agencies as well as a tour of the regions industrial and commercial properties, Ranier rail port, airport, cold weather testing facilities, and industrial parks. Representatives in Ft Frances were also contacted and engaged in this assessment.

NGKF followed up with in-depth interviews of regional business owners and entrepreneurs during their second visit in March and conducted numerous follow-up telephone interviews and statistical research the following months. Their work has been supported by Voyage Forward Teams and staff of the KEDA, Falls EDA, Arrowhead Regional Development Commission, and the Northspan Group, Inc.

The report is provided in several chapters to provide the reader with specific data they may be interested in and to ease in the download process. The report has solid, well thought out data driven recommendations to prepare our region for a successful economic future.  You may download the report by chapter or the entire report by following the links below.

ARDC – KCIF EconAdjStrat – 01 Executive Summary Final

ARDC – KCIF EconAdjStrat – Master (this is a large document and depending on your internet connection, may take some time to download)

ARDC – KCIF EconAdjStrat – 00 Titles Contents

ARDC – KCIF EconAdjStrat – 01 Transmittal Letter

ARDC – KCIF EconAdjStrat – 02 Background

ARDC – KCIF EconAdjStrat – 03 Market Scan Demographics

ARDC – KCIF EconAdjStrat – 04 Land Development

ARDC – KCIF EconAdjStrat – 05 Transportation and Supply Chain

ARDC – KCIF EconAdjStrat – 06 Economic Development SWOT and Competitive Assessment

ARDC – KCIF EconAdjStrat – 07 Industry Drivers and Target Industry Analysis

ARDC – KCIF EconAdjStrat – 08 Workforce Evaluation and Talent Development

ARDC – KCIF EconAdjStrat – 09 Cross Border Partnerships

ARDC – KCIF EconAdjStrat – 10 Marketing, Regional Collaboration, Branding & Messaging

ARDC – KCIF EconAdjStrat – 11 Recommendations and Implementation Strategy

ARDC – KCIF EconAdjStrat – 12 Appendix

Appendix Real Estate Summary Matrix